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Be enchanted by the majestic beauty of Fokospilia

Discover the enchanting mountain village of Mersini

Enjoy the sunset from the hill of the twin churches of Panagia and Ai Giannis

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Donoussa is one of the smaller islands that lie around the much larger island Naxos. This group of islands has been given the name “Small Cyclades”. Donoussa is the most isolated of the group and is situated on the eastside of Naxos. It is the most quiet of them all

Donousa is located 16 km (10 mi) east of the island of Naxos and about 25 km (16 mi) north of Amorgos. Its area is 13.75 square kilometres (5.31 sq mi) and its highest point is 385 metres (1,263 ft). Its population is 167 inhabitants (2011 census), most of which live in the main settlement Donousa (also Stavros).


Stavros or Kampos

The largest village and the port of the island.A picturesque settlement with an authentic Cycladic identity that fascinates the visitor.Stavros is built on the southwest end of the island in a sheltered bay.Stavros has probably the busiest sandy beach in Donousa due to its easy access.Although it is located in the port, its waters are clean and do not lag behind the rest of the beaches of Donoussa.Here are most of the accommodations, taverns and bars, a bakery, a mini market, a doctor’s office, two gift shops, etc.


It is one of the oldest mountain settlements on the island with a beautiful view.

There is a path that starts from Stavros or from Kedros and leads to Mesaria. It’s worth someone walking it.


The second largest settlement of the island, built on a slope with houses of traditional Cycladic architecture.

The view from the village is such that it takes your breath away. In Mersini there is the spring with the same name which is one of the most picturesque spots of the island and the church of Agia Sophia. From here starts the path that leads to the uniquely beautiful LIVADI beach as well as the Fykio beach. A restaurant operates here in the summer


An isolated large bay (11.5 km from Stavros) that hosts three small beaches of Donoussa, Mesa Ammos, Vlyhos and Sapunochoma.

Perhaps the most picturesque settlement of Donoussa. All the beaches have wonderful clear water and pebble sand. Access is easy because the main road of Donoussa ends at this bay. The name Kalotaritissa means good weather, which is no coincidence, since due to the position of the bay (built in the shadow of Pappa,) the beaches are almost always windless. In the settlement there is also a tavern that operates almost all year round.

Kedros Beach was included in Forbes magazine’s list of the 8 best beaches in the world for 2018, along with exotic havens such as Thailand’s Phi Phi Islands and Belize’s Cayes Beach in the Caribbean


The island is full of beautiful beaches with golden sands and turquoise waters. The main beaches in Donoussa are:

Stavros (Southwest Donoussa)

The central beach of the island is sandy, with turquoise waters and is considered one of the most beautiful and well-kept beaches of central settlements in the Cyclades.

Kedros (Southwest Donoussa)

Beach in a small bay with clear blue waters and blond sand. It is a 15-minute walk from Stavros. At a distance of 10 meters from the beach are some remains of a German warship sunk by the British air force in the 2nd world war. There is a café bar for food, coffee and drinks.

Donoussa’s Kedros Beach was included in Forbes magazine’s list of the 8 best beaches in the world for 2018, along with exotic havens such as Thailand’s Phi Phi Islands and Belize’s Cayes Beach in the Caribbean.

Vathy Limenari (South Donousa)

The beach is an about 40 minute walk from Kedros via a marked path. A sheltered deep cove (with pebbles), where in the past it was used as a natural harbor.

Livadi (South Donousa)

The most beautiful of the beaches in Donousa with turquoise waters and wonderful white sand.

Access on foot is from Mersini following the marked path.

Fikio (South Donousa)

Small and quiet sandy beach with beautiful turquoise waters and caves in the rocks. Access on foot is from Mersini following the path.

Vlychos – Sapunochoma (East Donousa)

Beautiful beaches with pebbles located in the bay of Kalotaritissa at a very short distance from the settlement where there is also a tavern

Trypiti (East Donousa)

Sandy beach located in Kalotaritissa. Access is from the path that starts from Vlychos beach.

Other beaches

There are other places where you can swim, such as Plakias, Limni and others.



The island has a fully marked network of five (5) traditional paths as well as other unmarked ones, for those who wish to take walks.


On Vathy Limenari beach there are the remains of a fortified settlement of the Geometric Period, which were discovered in the 1960s and finds from this location are in the Museum of Naxos.


Group of three small uninhabited islets (west of Donoussa) between Donoussa and Naxos. Mythology says that there was the entrance to the other world of the Blessed people. Access is from the Port of Donoussa (weather permitting) by boat or inflatable boat. On one of these islets there are beaches where you can swim.


During the summer season, three traditional festivals are held with island music and feasting.

Chronologically, these are the Feast of the Fifteenth of August (15/8), the Feast of the Cross (13 and 14/9) and the most traditional feast of Agia Sophia (17/9). The first two take place in Stavros i Kampos and the third in the settlement of Marsini and in the source that exists there.


Every October (usually in the middle of the month) there is a three-day mountain run of 20 km and 9 km through the paths of the island.